Notes to a Young Female Engineer

Screen Shot 2013 06 28 at 3.42.50 PM 300x223 Notes to a Young Female Engineer This post is based on notes I wrote for a talk given at the University of Waterloo on June 27, 2013 for their Women in Engineering week.



Last week I was invited to speak to students at the University of Waterloo as part of their Women in Engineering week. From my notes, I’ve created an article covering:

  • When and why women leave the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields
  • What can we do about it? The advice I would give myself as a young engineering student:
    • Don’t forget that you are still a pioneer in the field.
    • Find a mentor, or be a mentor.
    • Men and women are equal, but different. Be yourself.
    • What makes you unique?
    • Have confidence in yourself!
    • What to do in the difficult and serious situations that will (inevitably) occur.
    • Have fun!
  • List of resources

Please read and share with anyone you think might benefit. Thank you!

Ignite Waterloo 9 – Tonight! (June 12, 2012)

Just a quick update of where to go etc. Ignite Waterloo 9 is tonight at the Perimeter Institute. For all details, including how to watch the livestream, go to

Doors open at 7:30 with talks beginning at 8. I’m the second-to-last speaker so will likely be on shortly after ten. Hm… just had my first hint of nervousness. Thought I might avoid it! Oh well…

I’m looking forward to it; will be great to see one at the PI – what a fantastic space. Good luck to all the other speakers as well!

Grand Porch Party 2012

This past Sunday, our newly-formed band had a great time playing the Grand Porch Party in Uptown Waterloo. Thanks so much to Tenille and her team for organizing what is becoming a wonderful annual event!

It’s a busy week so I have no pictures etc. to share of the event; however Darin White made a great photoblog of it here. Thanks Darin!!

My lovely and ever-patient sister was kind enough to record our set at the price of her arms going numb (thanks chickadee!) so when I get that, if it turned out, I will post a few songs. In the meantime, have a wonderful day!

PS – looking for something to do? Check out Ignite Waterloo tonight (in person or streaming) – I’m speaking. icon smile Grand Porch Party 2012

We have a band!

After several years of looking for people to play jazz with me, I have found a group. Here are a couple of recordings from our fourth (?) practice this evening:

Wade in the Water

Autumn Leaves

A bit faster than we ended up doing it but still fun. Again, some sketchy bits while we (I) figured out where things were falling but I’m pretty happy with where we seem to be going.

We will be playing June 10 at the Grand Porch Party and June 14 at the Souls for Milestones event at St. George Hall in Waterloo. With any luck we’ll have settled on a name by then. icon smile We have a band!

Designing the Future: Getting Kids Excited about Engineering

This past Monday I was pleased to host 300 or so grade 7 and 8 students at the Waterloo on behalf of NEM Ontario and Shad Valley. The event in question, called “Design Your Future” was a day filled with science and engineering demos, exhibits and speakers intended to get kids excited about STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) careers.

1 IMG 1776 Designing the Future: Getting Kids Excited about Engineering

By all accounts it was a great success and I’m so pleased that we were able to pull it off so successfully. Here are a few photos I took of the day:

My thanks to everyone who helped out with the day; we couldn’t have done it without you.