In Pursuit of Excellence

My good friend Cheryl (or @MrsWhich, if you prefer), recently shared an article with me that really resonated with me: Six Keys to Being Excellent at Anything.

It was timely, as I caught myself commenting lately to a friend that I’m sad I’m not as good a singer as I used to be. Growing up, that was one of the major pieces of my identity: that I was an excellent singer. I finished my grade 9 performance test at 18, and seriously contemplated going into music for university. I decided on engineering in the end because it seemed more feasible as a career choice, and electrical engineering because I liked math. 🙂 I thought, You can still do music as a hobby, but it’s harder to make a living at it. (And vice versa with respect to the sciences.)

As a result, I completed my degree through sheer stubborness, whilst doing a minimum amount of work and maximum amount of extra-curricular activities (that’s founding a choir, being in plays, and other acts of art – *some* of you need to get your minds out of the gutter!). I’m glad I did it as it was certainly an experience, I met some wonderful people and at the very least it gives me some modicum of credibility. Yes, I’ve programmed in assembly language (and no, I wasn’t a huge fan of the experience!).

I haven’t really studied music properly since 1995. I’ve dabbled in lessons here and there, but that’s been about it. I bought a piano in about 2000 and it’s been shipped to various locations around SW Ontario as I searched for a home. I bought a bass, keyboard, was given a guitar, and started a band (Hillary Starkicker) with some uni friends. We weren’t great, but we *were* on the radio.

I wrote a song as a wedding present for my mother when she remarried in 2004. My sister and I sang it. I made this recording as part of the gift:

I Corinthians 13 – Stephanie Rozek by steph.rozek

The recording is just me, although I tried to tweak the EQ a bit to make it sound more like my sister.

Back to the main point, however. I wish music was a greater part of my life. And the great part is, I can choose to do this. Fortunately, I’ve been feeling somewhat more inspired lately to create, both in my music and my writing. All I need to do is choose to do it; to practice. I think I’m going to do that.

On a final note, a call out to the universe: I would *really* *really* love to be in a jazz band. If there’s anyone who needs a singer, please give me a call!


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  1. Tina says:

    Loved the singing. I think it is the first time i have heard you sing! You are still very very good!. Keep at it 🙂

  2. Stephanie says:

    Thanks so much, Tina! I’m glad you liked it!

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