Thursday Links: Wet Dogs, Saving Geniuses, Live Painting and more…

I know it’s been a short week (here in Canada anyway) but it feels like Friday to me. So little time, so much to do! Hope you’ve had a good few days so far; here are some interesting places to visit if you want to give your brain a break.

WetDog1 300x285 Thursday Links: Wet Dogs, Saving Geniuses, Live Painting and more...

Image © Carli Davidson (used with permission).

To watch:

Barbara Sher: My Mission is Saving Geniuses “For some reason I have an obsession to save as many geniuses as I can before I die.”

Economics, Equality and Democracy – “Senior economist Armine Yalnizyan examines how growing economic inequality and injustice is affecting democracy.” via @CherylIves

To read:

5 Characteristics of Great Company Names via @communitech

Women in Tech – This series from the Huffington Post will showcase “profiles of innovative female pioneers, from CEOs to scientists, entrepreneurs to engineers, who are changing the way we think about and engage with technology.” via @geekegrrl

The Myth of the Marketing Mix – Strategy IS important! via @lois_ready2grow

To do:

Artist Meet & Greet and “Live Painting” Experience – Meet super-cool artist Laurie Wonfor Nolan as she “live paints” at the Accelerator Centre – August 17.

Just for fun:

Shake: Portraits of Dogs Shaking off Water – Wet dogs shot at a fast shutter speed. Click on the images to expand – they are fantastic. 🙂

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